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CrewLink™ - Wired & Wireless Intercom System

Wired and wireless yacht intercomCrewLink is an intercom system designed to operate over a Wi-Fi network and make use of smartphone technology. CrewLink can also support dedicated Push To Talk (PTT) wired waterproof intercom consoles.



CrewLink Datasheet

CrewLink Intercom - Key Features

  • Integrates wired & wireless consoles
  • Low power, low weight and easy installation
  • Plug & Play operation
  • Client app can be customized from server 
  • Simple web menu with status and diagnostic tools


Diagram showing watproof microphone

Technical Specifications

Server Weight: CrewLink Silver: 350g
CrewLink Gold: 375g
Server Dimensions : 330g   160mm x 80mm x 70mm
Server Power Consumption Nominal: 3W, Maximum: 10W
Server Supply 12-24VDC
Console Dimensions 115mm x 70mm
iOS Requirements iOS 8 or higher
iPhone 4 or newer

CrewLink Server

CrewLink Server is available in two models; “CrewLink Silver” and “CrewLink Gold”. “CrewLink Silver” can support up to 5 wireless clients whilst “CrewLink Gold” has the requisite hardware to support 2 wired consoles and 8 wireless clients. The Gold model can operate with or without a network offering a completely ‘stand alone’ hardware only system if required.

The CrewLink Server is a small, lightweight unit that is powered using passive Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology, allowing the unit to be readily mounted in the most convenient place. Some networks can already supply power, but for those that cannot a small power injector is available.

The use of POE technology and CAT5 cabling makes installation simple and cost effective. The CrewLink Server can be powered from 12-24V DC, has a nominal power consumption of 3 Watts with a maximum consumption of 10 Watts (with two CrewLink hardware consoles).

The CrewLink server provides a web interface that can be used to configure the network and audio settings, display system status, update firmware or customise the system with your own ‘badge’ image. The badge image is automatically displayed on all clients that connect to the system.

The CrewLink Server is housed in a small waterproof enclosure measuring 160mm x 80mm x 70mm and weighing approx. 350g. The network and associated Wi-Fi structure must be provided independently, the CrewLink Server does not provide a Wi-Fi access point.

Wired Consoles

Crewlink wired consoleThe CrewLink wired consoles are small, lightweight units that must be wired directly to the CrewLink Server unit. The machined aluminium housing is designed to be waterproof and is able to withstand exposure to extreme environments, including salt water. Each CrewLink Server unit can support two wired handsets.

CrewLink Server

Wired Consoles

CrewLink wireless ios app By downloading the CrewLink app from the iTunes App Store, an iPhone or iPad can be used as a wireless CrewLink handset. In the near future, clients will be available for Android, OSX and Windows.