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File Based Media Delivery

file based media deliveryThe efficient and speedy delivery of edited stories or rushes and clips is vital to fast moving news organisations. Livewire Digital’s store-and-forward solutions have evolved over the past 20 years to take full advantage of developments and breakthroughs in encoding and network optimisation technology to stay a step ahead of the competition throughout. M-Link Newscaster is now the market leading file-based workflow tool used on laptops the world over by news agencies, national broadcasters, government agencies and military media teams to deliver HD and SD video as quickly and in as high quality as possible.


M-Link Newscaster - professiional solution for store & forward video deliveryM-Link Newscaster

M-Link Newscaster is at the heart of file-based workflow for the world’s largest international broadcast news agency as well as national news agencies and broadcasters on every major continent. Using the most efficient H.264 AVC codec and Livewire Digital's proprietary transmission tools, urgent content is encoded and delivered reliably and efficiently over any IP network. Firewalls and other network restrictions which can thwart other transmission protocols are no match for Newscaster – getting the story through 'no matter what' is why our customers rely on Livewire Digital. SD profiles from 768 kbps to 2 mbps, and HD profiles, up to full 1080i, from 2 mbps to 12 mbps enable journalists to manage the trade-off between image quality and transmission time when using low bandwidth networks. An iPhone version, 'Newscaster Mobile' is available from the App Store which can deliver material to an M-Link Exchange receiver running the appropriate software.
iTunes App for file based broadcasting from a mobile phone to the newsroom

M-Link Newscaster Mobile

Journalists caught in the heart of the action with no news crew to hand can now film breaking news footage on their iPhone and post it directly to their broadcaster’s newsroom using the new M-Link Newscaster Mobile app from Livewire Digital.

Ideal for filming events as they unfold, such as last year’s riots in the UK, this brilliant app is set to bring a new level of immediacy to special reports and news bulletins.

Newscaster Mobile is available to download from the iTunes store


receiver for file based video

M-Link Exchange

M-Link Exchange is the video receiver for M-Link Newscaster, delivering professional, high quality live video and audio to the studio or production facility. This integrated receiver system is available as a rack mount server designed for integration into a newsroom with professional analogue, SDI & HD-SDI interfaces. M-Link Exchange offers full backward compatibility with legacy Livewire Digital video solutions and supports IFB/return audio to the field.


Automatic file transfer - JATS


The Java Automatic Transfer System (JATS) is a highly configurable software package for the distribution and management of your corporate files. It is ideally suited to the movement of data between remote bureaus where the power of the optimised transfer protocols can reduce transfer times from hours to minutes.
JATS is designed to run in either a managed, or headless operational state, allowing the system to be configured according to your company requirement, and then just left to do it’s job with no further user interaction required.


HD Media Controller

HD Media Controller - audio and video broadcasting for extreme sportsThe Livewire Digital HD Media Controller has been designed to enable yacht crews and event organisers to engage with their audiences through video and audio from the heart of the action. Tried and tested in the world’s most demanding ocean-racing environments, the HD Media Controller supports a range of fixed and hand-held HD cameras and microphones, seamlessly integrating them with M-Link software to deliver media over the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband services. Additional features such as day/night operation, remote control of fixed and PTZ cameras, source selection, "crash-record" and delay line make the HD Media Controller a simple but powerful system which can be used by a single crew member or a large team.

BGAN Pointer App

BGAN Pointer APP - find line of sight easilyAllows the user to locate Inmarsat satellites and point their BGAN terminal quickly. Augmented reality helps the user to identify any “line of sight” issues.

The BGAN Pointer App is free and available to download from iTunes