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FTPVantage™ - Professional FTP Acceleration

FTP Vantage - GUI FTPVantage is a software application that transforms the performance of your FTP client allowing it to transfer files at speeds equivalent to or faster than sophisticated enterprise solutions.

FTPVantage removes the restrictions of TCP by using the RazorLink® UDP protocol, overcoming high latency and packet loss. Furthermore, with FTPVantage+ the RazorLink® protocol can bond networks, so you can combine Wi-Fi, Cellular, Ethernet and Satellite to make use of the combined bandwidth, a feature that equivalent enterprise solutions do not support.

FTPVantage Datasheet


Key Features

  • Cost effective enterprise performance
  • Cross platform support
  • Plug & Play operation
  • Simple deployment models
  • Network Bonding option

FTPVantage Deployment

Organisations that manage FTP servers often make them available to both employees and freelance staff. To make the deployment of FTPVantage simple, Livewire Digital use a ‘Ticketing model’ where the organisation purchases a number of copies of FTPVantage and receive a unique code. The organisation can freely distribute the software to any party and provide them with the unique code. On entering the code, the configuration data is automatically downloaded and the software activated. The activation can be time limited and ensures that users can only deliver to the organisation’s servers, not to competitors.

FTPVantage in the Cloud is also available, but it should be noted that there may be an impact on performance caused by the characteristics of the ‘last mile’ to the FTP Server, which would be overcome by co-locating FTPVantage.

FTPVantage is available for Windows, OSX or Linux and custom mobile clients are under development.

The FTPVantage GUI provides network status and performance as well as allowing manual configuration of the operating parameters.


FTPVantage is transparent to your FTP client and FTP Server dialogues, so has no impact on your existing security policy.

Additional security can be provided by FTPVantage which supports User name & Password authentication against the FTPVantage peer in conjunction with industry standard ciphering.