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HD Waterproof Cameras & Microphones

HD Waterproof cameraLivewire Digital design and manufacture a custom range of cameras and microphones for use in extreme sporting events or for deployment outside in adverse weather conditions where they must survive salt water, large variations in temperature and physical shock. Manufactured from aluminium and engineering plastics, the cameras are lightweight and very robust.



HD Block CameraHD Waterproof Block camera with roll compensation

The HD block cameras are available with mechanical ‘roll compensation’ which keeps the horizon level as the cameras is tilted from side to side. This feature is designed for maritime applications where the camera is mounted on the centerline of the vessel. They feature superior optics and full control from the interface module.



HD PTZ CameraHD PTZ camera wiht wide angle lens

The HD PTZ camera features an integrated 0.7mm wide angle lens, full control is available via the interface module and can be made day/night capable by the addition of the IR flood assembly.



Waterproof MicrophoneWaterproof microphone for extreme sports use

Machined from a lightweight engineering plastic the body houses the internal preamp electronics, is very robust and impervious to salt water. A rubber suspension mechanism offers 20dB of isolation to the capsule assembly from structural born vibration.


HD Media controller which supports a range of HD cameras and microphonesHD Media Controller

The Livewire Digital HD Media Controller has been designed to enable yacht crews and event organisers to engage with their audiences through video and audio from the heart of the action. 

Tried and tested in the world’s most demanding ocean-racing environments, the HD Media Controller supports a range of fixed and hand held HD cameras and microphones, seamlessly integrating them with M-Link software to deliver media over the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband services.