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HD Media Controller

HD Media controller

The Livewire Digital HD Media Controller has been designed to enable yacht crews and event organisers to engage with their audiences through video and audio from the heart of the action. 

Tried and tested in the world’s most demanding ocean-racing environments, the HD Media Controller supports a range of fixed and hand held HD cameras and microphones, seamlessly integrating them with M-Link software to deliver media over the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband services.
HD Media Controller Datasheet

Key Features

The Livewire Digital HD Media Controller is a complete solution including the requisite hardware and software including:

  • 1080i broadcast HD video switcher to select cameras
  • Day/Night capable
  • Audio matrix to select microphones and route audio
  • Sophisticated power management and monitoring
  • Network Controller for managing the on-board network and multiple satellite phones
  • Solid State Recorder
  • Livewire Digital’s HD delay line technology
  • Media Laptop
    • HD Media Controller Console & Workflow manager
    • M-Link Newscaster HD
    • M-Link Live X
    • Network Controller Client
    • Delay Line Client
    • HD Editing platform

HD Media Controller Topology Diagram

Configuration diagram for audio and video broadcasting

Technical Specifications

The HD Media Controller is available is two versions, standard (STD) and deluxe (DLX) models.  The deluxe model can support multiple satellite terminals, and additional cameras and microphones.

Dimensions 450mm x 500mm x 120mm
Weight < 7Kg   
Power supply 24v DC
Standby:  25W nominal
Operational  < 100W (configuration dependent)
Network 10/100BT
Satellite Terminals Inmarsat Fleet Broadband FB150, FB250, FB500
STD – 1 Fleet Broadband terminal
DLX – 2 Fleet Broadband terminals
Integrated HDMI Uplink Direct HDMI connection to the HD Media Controller
Waterproof HDMI Uplink STD – 1 off above decks waterproof HDMI uplink point
DLX – 3 off above decks waterproof HDMI uplink point
Fixed Cameras STD – 2 off Livewire Digital PTZ or RC cameras
DLX – 2 off Livewire Digital PTZ and 2 off RC cameras
Waterproof Microphones STD - 1 off Livewire Digital Waterproof Microphone
DLX – 2 off Livewire Digital Waterproof Microphone
Wireless Transceiver Vokera wireless crew comms system
Wireless Microphone DLX – Audio Technica Dual channel system
Professional Microphone DLX – Self powered professional microphone

Media Workflows

The user is presented with a choice of intuitive workflows to automatically configure the system and manage the satellite links. These include:

  1. “Documentary” – delivery of high quality file based media
  2. “Live-X to Broadcaster” – delivery of a Live feed to broadcasters or corporate sponsors
  3. “Live-X to Web” – delivery of Live feed to web sites and streaming services
  4. “Radio interview” – audio interview with broadcaster or corporate sponsors

Whether it is used by a lone sailor or a fully-crewed maxi yacht the Livewire Digital HD Media Controller simplifies and enhances the process of capturing the drama, delivering value to sponsors and event organisers.

Mainstream broadcasters can readily support the above workflows within their Master Control Room (MCR), but for some event organisers the knowledge and equipment necessary can prove too expensive or technically challenging.  To provide an ‘End to End’ solution, Livewire Digital can offer a managed service or hire a ‘Media Services Rack’ with all the necessary hardware and an analogous workflow driven interface.

System Design

The HD Media Controller integrates custom hardware into a lightweight, compact, aluminum space frame that can be readily fixed to a bulkhead or placed in a suitable enclosure. The system designer can choose from a range of cameras and microphones that can be connected to the HD Media Controller to complete the on-board media system, this includes:

  • Waterproof HD roll-compensated camera
  • Waterproof HD pan, tilt and zoom camera
  • Waterproof HD Uplink point – for connecting suitable handheld cameras
  • Waterproof ambient sound microphones
  • Wireless transceiver
  • Wireless microphones
  • Broadcast gun-microphone
  • IR Flood – Day/Night operation
  • Crash buttons

Delay Line

The use of delay line technology has been proved to be a ‘must have’ for capturing dramatic events.

The Delay Line is built into the HD Media Controller, which continually records from the pre-selected onboard camera (generally the stern camera) and waterproof microphones.

When a crash event occurs, either as a result a crewmember hitting any of the crash record buttons, the Delay Line has been configured to record the previous 4 minutes and subsequent 4 minutes.

Using the Delay Line Client app on the Media laptop, it is possible to manage the media held on the Delay Line.

Satellite Communications

The Inmarsat Fleet Broadband service offers a range of services and the HD Media Controller allows them to be shared and managed using the Network Controller application that can be run on the Media Laptop as well as independent Mac or Windows PC.

The Network Controller provides a high level of protection from ‘Bill Shock’ as it can display traffic usage and monitor streaming class connections to ensure they are not accidently left running.

The FB150 offers a very attractive ‘always on’ solution where it is not practical to have a larger FB500 unit powered up 24x7. The Network Controller can support multiple terminals offering a choice of data routing to the crew.  This approach means the yacht can always have telephone and baseline data services running 24x7 and deploy the more capable FB500 for demanding media events as required.

Voice Communications

The Fleet Broadband FB500 and FB150 provide very robust voice communications under extreme conditions. Livewire Digital has integrated the voice services with the HD Media Controller allowing voice communications through on-board audio systems including headsets or even wireless Talkback handsets.