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Live Video Broadcast

Live video broadcast over IPLivewire Digital's M-Link live newsgathering systems, trusted by major broadcasters across the globe, offer high quality, low latency solutions for delivery of video and audio over any IP circuit. e.g. Inmarsat BGAN, WAN links or VSAT. Whether your requirement is for first response news reporting, live interviews from mid ocean, or special event coverage, M-Link provides an ideal solution for your application. Livewire Digital is also delighted to offer a hosted service for organisations without broadcast infrastructure but need to interface with TV, radio, corporate video conferencing or web streaming audiences.


Media Services RackSilverBlade is a small hardware device that incorporates RazorLink® technology. SilverBlade can combine Wi-Fi, Cellular, Ethernet and Satellite networks and present the combined bandwidth to a professional camera for delivery of live or file based media.

SilverBlade can also be used in a similar way to a MiFi unit providing the capacity of the bonded services to any WiFi Client such as a smartphone or tablet.

M-Link Live X

M-Link Live X M-Link Live X offers a highly mobile, reliable and compact live HD and SD newsgathering solution, which can be deployed and operated by a single reporter. The latest generation of M-Link Live-X incorporates RazorLink® technology, the next level in network optimisation which guarantees maximum use of available network resources and ensures fully adaptive low latency, high quality video. Optionally, M-Link Live-X can offer bonding of all available connections without the need for proprietary hardware.

M-Link Exchange

M-Link Exchange M-Link Exchange is the video receiver for M-Link Live X, delivering professional, high quality live video and audio to the studio or production facility. This integrated receiver system is available as a rack mount server designed for integration into a newsroom with professional analogue, SDI & HD-SDI interfaces. M-Link Exchange offers full backward compatibility with legacy Livewire Digital video solutions and supports IFB/return audio to the field.

HD Media Controller

HD Media ControllerThe Livewire Digital HD Media Controller has been designed to enable yacht crews and event organisers to engage with their audiences through video and audio from the heart of the action. Tried and tested in the world’s most demanding ocean-racing environments, the HD Media Controller supports a range of fixed and hand-held HD cameras and microphones, seamlessly integrating them with M-Link software to deliver media over the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband services. Additional features such as day/night operation, remote control of fixed and PTZ cameras, source selection, "crash-record" and delay line make the HD Media Controller a simple but powerful system which can be used by a single crew member or a large team.

BGAN Pointer App

BGAN Pointer AppAllows the user to locate Inmarsat satellites and point their BGAN terminal quickly. Augmented reality helps the user to identify any “line of sight” issues.

The BGAN Pointer App is free and available to download from iTunes

Awarded "TVB Europe Best of IBC Award" in the Links, Transmission and Delivery category.

TVB Europe Best of IBC Pick Award