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Media Services Rack

Media Services Rack for bridging between M-Link Live X and video streaming to the Internet

The MSR provides recording facilities and acts as a bridge between one or more remote clients and the internet, a broadcaster, or a video conferencing unit. E.g. the MSR can take an M-Link Live X call optimised for the FB500 satellite link and deliver it to a corporate V/C system. Has been used extensively during the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012

Contact Livewire Digital if you would like to hire a Media Services Rack for your special event.


Media Services Rack Features

  • Store & Forward HD Video - Receipt of high quality SD/HD store & forward material
  • Live Video - One-to-One calls with broadcaster
  • Live Video - One to One video conferencing with syndicates or sponsors
  • Live Video - Multi-party conferencing for delivery to the Web
  • Live Audio - Radio Interviews
  • Media management services


Media Services Rack Diagram

Store & forward video - multiparty video - radio interviews - configuration via the Media Services rack