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M-Link Exchange

Broadcast video receiver

M Link Exchange is the broadcast video receiver for M Link live and store & forward clients; offering a professional solution for video contribution from news crews and journalists as well as ad-hoc contributions from the public. The latest generation of M-Link Exchange incorporates RazorLink® technology, the next level in network optimisation and bonding.M Link provides news organisations, government agencies and expedition/sports events, with a comprehensive end-to-end video delivery service optimised for mobile IP communications.

M-Link Exchange Datasheet

M-Link Exchange Key Features

  • NEW Accelerated file delivery from RazorLink enabled M-Link clients
  • NEW Optional support for bonded connections from RazorLink enabled M-Link clients
  • Outstanding H264/AVC codec allows delivery of high quality video over narrow bandwidth connections
  • Automatic appending in the event of a connection failure
  • Playout of partially received files
  • Optimised use of available bandwidth saving costs and transmission times
  • Can accept ‘adhoc’ feeds from the public via optional secure web page
  • Supports feeds delivered across any IP network
  • Comprehensive support and upgrade policy.

Typical M-Link Exchange Broadcast Configuration

M-Link configuration diagram

Technical Specifications

Video Formats 1080i/p, 720p, NTSC and PAL
Video Bitrates User configurable, default options range from 128Kbps (SD) to 12Mbps (HD)
Network Protocols Livewire proprietary FTP and HTTP
Optimisation & Bonding RazorLink®
Minimum System Requirements Dual Core 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM
Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Recommended for HD Quad Core Xeon, 8GB RAM

Live Video Feeds

M-Link Exchange supports live video feeds from M-Link Live X clients. Optional RazorLink® bonding technology offers support for aggregated connections from the latest generation Live X clients.

Fully optimised for use over 3G/4G and satellite, the system offers exceptional picture quality and very low latency.  When used over the Inmarsat BGAN 384kbps streaming class service, M-Link can offer SIF resolution at native frame rates (PAL 25fps, NTSC 29.97). The result is high quality video without compromising motion handling. Where higher connection speeds are available M-Link can offer full SD or HD resolutions at native frame rates and exceptional picture quality.



High Definition

The High Definition option, allows an M-Link Newscaster client to file HD material from the field. The outstanding performance of the M-Link H.264/AVC codec makes the delivery of very high quality 1080i footage possible over narrow bandwidth connections.