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M-Link Newscaster

H.264 AVC video delivery over IP

M-Link Newscaster is the professional solution for the delivery of HD & SD store & forward video. The latest generation of M-Link NewsCaster incorporates RazorLink® technology, the next level in network optimisation that guarantees maximum use of available network resources.

The software has been optimised for use over 3G/4G, satellite and other IP connections with optional bonding of all available network connections to use the aggregated bandwidth with channel loss resilience. M Link Newscaster provides a highly mobile, reliable and compact solution for broadcast quality LNG/ENG/SNG file-based newsgathering. M-Link Newscaster can be deployed and operated by a single reporter.
M-Link Newscaster Datasheet

M-Link Newscaster Key Features

  • NEW Accelerated file delivery - up to 4 times faster that FTP over 4G cellular networks.
  • NEW Optional bonding of multiple Cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite and Ethernet connections to increase bandwidth, reduce transmission times and provide a very high level of resilience.
  • Simultaneous encode whilst transmit operation saves time and battery life
  • Background encoding for automated workflow user configurable
  • Queued encoding with re-prioritisation deliver rushes first
  • Multichannel audio up to 8 channels of audio supported for Mac OSX clients
  • Source video validation identify video problems in the field before incurring transmission costs
  • Enhanced High profile H.264/AVC codec, maintain quality and reduce file size
  • Wide choice of encoding profiles broadcast quality HD, SD & Web
  • Optimised data transfer protocols designed to work through restrictive networks
  • Transfer resume and automatic retry Fast and Reliable. Simple and intuitive user interface Mac and Windows
  • Integrated BGAN control manual or fully automatic context activation, including HDR
  • 12 months support included

Optional Features

  • NEW Bonding of multiple Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to increase bandwidth, reduce transmission times and provide a very high level of resilience
  • High definition support- Progressive and interfaced broadband quality HD; MXF source file encoding
  • Central management plans for large roll-outs, reducing management & maintenance overheads.

Typical M-Link Newscaster Broadcast Configuration

M-Link Newscaster configuration diagram

Technical Specifications

Video Formats: 1080i/p, 720p, NTSC, PAL,
Video Bitrates: User configurable, default options range from 384Kbps (SD) to 12Mbps (HD)
Network Protocols: Livewire proprietary FTP and HTTP
Optimisation & Bonding Razorlink™
Operating System: Windows: Windows 7 & 8.1
OSX: 10.8 (Mountain Lion) 10.9 (Mavericks) 10.10 (Yosemite)
Minimum System Requirements: Core i5, 4GB RAM
Minimum Screen Resolution 1280 x 800

M-Link Newscaster GUI

Store & forward video delivery - Newscaster software in use


High Definition

The M-Link Newscaster High Definition option allows 1080i footage to be delivered directly from the field. The outstanding performance of the M-Link H.264/AVC codec makes timely delivery of very high quality 1080i footage possible over narrow bandwidth connections.



What are the advantages for users of M-Link Newscaster?

Faster transfers over poor quality high latency links - save time and battery power.

Makes full use of available bandwidth

Very few retries even over very poor or intermittent networks

Accelerates file transfer over single or bonded connections

Cost option to make use of RazorLink bonding -

  • increased bandwidth means faster transfer
  • increased resilience - transfer continues when networks come and go
  • automatic fall over to alternative network when one fails

What are the advantages for users of M-Link Live X?

Fully adaptive video – RazorLink network statistics drive the VBR algorithm to adapt the codec to prevailing network conditions.

Improved video over poor quality links due to superior RazorLink protocols

Better quality video - no FEC overhead, smart RazorLink technology means that more of that bandwidth can be used for video

Lower latency - no FEC buffering, use of RazorLink technology enables lower latency video

Audio priority - if all else fails and there is not enough network to get your video through, the audio stream will continue as a priority

Cost option to include RazorLink bonding technology

  • Increased bandwidth – Video bandwidth is the sum of the bonded networks
  • Additional resilience Video feed remains solid when networks come and go
  • Offers a backup Automatic use of alternative network when one fails

Am I eligible to upgrade to the latest version?

Any M-Link licences that are in support can be upgraded to the latest version which includes RazorLink acceleration, bonding is a cost option.

Can I file to a server which is running an old version of M-Link?

Yes, M-Link with RazorLink Is fully backwards compatible but in this case your transmission will not be able to take advantage of the RazorLink features

Can I file between receive servers and take advantage of RazorLink technology?

Yes, but this is a cost option and you will need a new install of your exchange software to achieve this..

Will I need to make any changes to my current configuration?

Yes, on the receiver side - you will need to open up a block of 10 UDP & TCP ports

How do I upgrade to the latest version of M-Link?

You'll need to contact your distributor for access to the latest installers, M-Link and RazorLink installers are bundled. RazorLink is installed on a per machine basis, so if you are using both M-Link Live X and Newscaster you only need one RazorLink installation. Contact your distributor or Livewire directly if you purchased from us.

How to I upgrade to the bonding option?

Contact your distributor or Livewire if you purchased directly from us and we can enable bonding on your installation as long as it's the latest version.

How much is the network aggregation option?

Please contact your distributor for pricing, or contact us if you purchased your M-Link licenses direct.

Which networks can I bond?

Any IP network including: Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular & Satellite.

How many networks can I bond?

Network aggregation is supported for up to 4 interfaces, if you need more - talk to us.

What happens to my connection if devices are unplugged?

RazorLink will manage your connection using active interfaces, so you will not lose connectivity if devices are removed or added while in use.

Are there any recommended cellular sticks?

We would recommend Huawei E3372S-153 modems that support ‘serial’ based control - Check modem types at http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/ Mobile_Broadband

Can RazorLink technology help with non M-Link workflows?

Yes, RazorLink can work with most applications please refer to the RazorLink specific section for details. Please note: When RazorLink is supplied with M-Link, this is what it is licensed to work with, it will not automatically support other workflows.

What is RazorLink technology?

RazorLink Technology is cross platform software that can radically improve the performance of your applications without any changes to your workflow or the applications you use.

RazorLink offers accelerated data transfer, resilience to packet loss, traffic prioritisation and bonding

RazorLink technology has been designed for used over wide area networks such as cellular, WiFi, international internet links and satellite.