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Automatic file transfer - JATS iconThe Java Automatic Transfer System (JATS) is a highly configurable software package for the distribution and management of your corporate files. It is ideally suited to the movement of data between remote bureaus where the power of the optimised transfer protocols can reduce transfer times from hours to minutes.
JATS is designed to run in either a managed, or headless operational state, allowing the system to be configured according to your company requirement, and then just left to do itís job with no further user interaction required.

JATS Datasheet

M-Link JATS Key Features

  • RazorLink® Technology offers the highest file transfer rates across the most challenging wide area networks.
  • Optional bonding of network interfaces with RazorLink® enabled systems
  • Outperforms expensive enterprise file transfer solutions
  • Highly configurable management of files
  • Headless and managed operational states
  • Automatic retry and appending functions for intermittent networks
  • Cross platform support, Windows, MacOS X, Linux
  • System monitoring - Alert, statistics and log information gives visibility on system status
  • Full integration with exisiting M-Link products
  • Easy network integration

M-Link JATS Graphical User Interface

Automatic file transfer - JATS graphical user interface