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telecommunications space image Livewire Digital offers consultancy and engineering services to clients in the telecoms industries. Examples range from reports and investigations into the performance of satellite services, proposals and due diligence for new services and the implementation of both user terminal and network side protocol stacks .




Test Case Manager

Test Case Manager

Over the past 10 years, Livewire Digital has developed a range of test and analysis tools to assist with the design and ‘type approval’ of Inmarsat satellite terminals. This involvement started with Inmarsat-B and has covered the GAN and BGAN family of land mobile and maritime terminals.

The ‘Test Case Manager’ (TCM) is used by Inmarsat for the design and verification of the Inmarsat BGAN services and by the terminal manufacturers (including Thrane & Thrane, EMS, Hughes Network Systems, Furuno, JRC, Add Value) for validation and type approval of user terminals. The TCM offers a comprehensive IDE and integral TTCN compiler developed by Livewire Digital Ltd.

The TCM offers a generic run time environment, a fully compliant TTCN-2 compiler with ASN.1 support, auto-generating encoders and decoders and sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools.

Offering a clean modular design, the TCM can be readily adapted to a wide range of applications. The use of a generic, yet highly optimised back-end database to record system events, correlated displays of TTCN execution and signalling can be provided in list and message flow chart formats.

In summary, the TCM provides facilities for:

  • The development of Executive Test Suites (ETS), including the compilation of TTCN ‘.mp’ files
  • The run-time operation of an ETS, including the editing of the Test Suite Parameters (TSP),
    and the selection and execution of Test Cases
  • The analysis of the signalling taking place within the system
  • The export of sessions results, to provide formal result management

The TCM presents a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that integrates the features common to all ETS, with those features specific to a particular implementation. This is done through the concept of ‘Managers and Servers’.

‘Managers’ are directly coupled to the TCM IDE and have no inherent knowledge of a given ETS or the physical world in which they are operating. The ‘Servers’ provide the link between the abstract environment of TTCN and the physical hardware. While the ‘Servers’ are separate processes, they are managed via graphical control screens within the TCM IDE framework.

BGAN Protocol Tester (BPT)

BGAN Protocol Tester

The BGAN Protocol Tester (BPT) provides a complete TTCN development and compliance environment for the Inmarsat Air Interface adaptation layer for BGAN (IAI2), the 3GPP Non Access Stratum (NAS) layer and the ISDN sub-system.

The BPT is based on the Test Case Manager (TCM), a software suite that offers an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development of TTCN test suites and the execution of the associated conformance tests.



The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded a contract (ESTEC Contract Number 17549/03/NL/US) to develop commercial IP multicast services over satellite to a consortium that included Inmarsat, EMS, Logical CMG, GateHouse and Livewire Digital Ltd. Livewire Digital Ltd. were responsible for the implementation of the “Radio Access Network’ (RAN), the kernel component that models the IAI2 protocols and resource allocation algorithms at the Satellite Access Station (SAS).

As part of a phased development, extending the Inmarsat BGAN protocols, the project lead to a Micro-SAS offering unicast and multicast services to a population of multicast enabled BGAN terminals operating over leased capacity. IP-Multicast over satellite has many key markets including the government, defence and maritime sectors.

Key applications for the multicast enabled Micro-SAS include:

  • Netted voice (push to talk net radio)
  • Situational awareness provision
  • Netted data services, supporting data-intensive collaborative tools, cash server updates, and software and database updates to remote devices.
  • Weather & Chart updates