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M-Link Bridge

HD Media Controller

M-Link Bridge offers a solution for customers wishing to link a feed from an M-Link Live X client via our M-Link server to a corporate video conferencing unit.
The solution is offered as a service for those customers who do not have their own receive server infrastructure, or it can be used by the customer with their own server infrastructure as a method of forwarding the video to a corporate video conferencing facility.

M-Link Bridge Datasheet

M-Link Bridge Service - Key Features

  • Equipped with a video camera, laptop and Internet connection anybody can contribute live video to a standards compliant video conferencing system.
  • Livewire Digital will support the end to end process with real-time monitoring and co-ordination of both ends


Media Services Rack Diagram

M-Link hosted video service

Media Services Rack Workflows

  • Store & Forward HD Video - Receipt of high quality 4Mbps 1080i store & forward material
  • Live Video - one-to-one calls with broadcaster
  • Live Video - One to one video conferencing with syndicates or sponsors
  • Live Video - Multi-party conferencing for delivery to the Web
  • Live Audio - Radio Interviews
  • Media management services