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Remote newsgathering in Borneo - expedition

Building on Livewire Digital’s success in the broadcast news industry we are frequently called upon to provide remote video contribution tools for scientists, explorers and extreme sports events to help with similar challenges faced by journalists working in hostile and remote environments. The reliability and ease of use of M-Link software has been a vital collaboration tool for many events and expeditions. For organisations without any back office facilities or broadcast infrastructure to handle incoming media Livewire Digital offer the M-Link Bridge service which enables live video and audio links to be connected in real time with external systems such as corporate video conferencing, internet streaming and situation awareness operations.

Example Users

Expedition - example useLivewire Digital were approached by a group of scientists planning a pioneering research expedition to the Indonesian jungle of southern Borneo. The Heart of Borneo expedition needed to meet two media requirements on behalf of sponsors and partners, to provide regular video reports on their progress and research findings, and to take part in live video conferences with scientists and the general public at the Natural History Museum in London. The team member with responsibility for media coverage was supplied with M-Link Newscaster and Live-X software and trained in it’s use during a single visit to our conveniently located offices near London. Encoding profiles were fine-tuned to optimise the video systems being used on the expedition and a hosted media management portal was provided so that files could be uploaded to Livewire Digital's secure server ready for distribution on demand to authorised interested parties. For live events the M-Link Bridge service enabled live video and audio to be linked to a video conferencing system at the Natural History Museum to enable live two-way audio and video between the studio audience in London and the team of scientists and researchers in the jungle.