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Humanitarian and Emergency Response


humanitarian and emergency repsonse flooding imageWhether caused by conflict or a natural disaster, making an informed decision on the correct course of action often requires consulting with specialists who may be in geographically diverse locations.

Using Live X from Livewire Digital, a high quality Live feed can be delivered from the remote location to a central receiver and bridged using the M-Link Bridge Service (or in-house distribution platforms) to other locations, allowing experts to observe the situation remotely.

Example Users

BT's Emergency Response team based in Madley are prepared to be deployed around the world to restore communications and provide situation monitoring capabilities, they are able to respond to events ranging from chemical attack to a severe natural disaster.

Livewire Digital has developed a bespoke system for BT's Emergency Response Team (BT-ERT) incorporating M-Link Video Products.

Helmet cameras in the field relay live video from the emergency response workers to the site command station over a MESH network. Any of the camera feeds can be sent to the central office over satellite or other IP network for review by experts, either co-located in the central office or anywhere in the world using QuickTime Broadcaster.

Livewire Digital have the products and expertise to provide governments and corporations with a remote presence in disaster zones and have successfully helped BT-ERT, Rolls Royce and many others.