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Journalists and broadcast crews covering fast-moving stories need software that is reliable, designed with them in mind and trusted right across the workflow from capture to playout. The M-Link suite of products has for over 20 years provided newsgathering tools that rise to this challenge and simplify the task of sending live and edited news reports to the studio from anywhere in the world. Livewire Digital employ "best of class" codec technology to provide simple and intuitive software that can be mastered and run effectively by novice users within a few minutes. Using our in-depth expertise in mobile satellite services and low bandwidth IP networks Livewire Digital offer optimised transfer tools to get the story delivered no matter what. Live reporting is never easy, and always under high pressure, so we have simplified the process to make it as fool proof and reliable as possible. With versions for Windows and OSX platforms all sizes of organisations can take advantage of the M-Link product range, and with options for working with all common broadcast file formats and camera connections M-Link slots right into your newsgathering tool kit with the minimum of effort.

Example Users

Livewire Digital has worked with mainstream broadcasters like Thomson Reuters & Sky for many years and M-Link is now embedded right across their newsgathering and studio operations. As a significant user of M-Link products we have listened carefully to feedback from senior executives, operational managers and cameramen to continually adapt and develop the software to meet the ever-evolving technology and practices unique to broadcast news. This has included improvements to the user interface, transfer mechanism as well as the range of supported file formats and data networks.

At the other end of the scale Livewire Digital also works with smaller news organisation and freelancers with only one or two cameras or crews. Our highly valued pre-sales and ongoing technical support makes the process of acquiring, installing and using M-Link simple and references from existing users is our most valued tool in expanding the business.