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Situation Awareness


situation awareness broadcastingThe M-Link products are ideally suited to the requirements of fast response and dependable reliability demanded of Situational Awareness organisations. Coupled with the Media Services Rack and the M-Link Bridge service Livewire Digital is able to provide an end-to-end solution to link remote "eyes on the ground" with Command and Control Centres.

Command Centre managers need the most accurate and up to date information about the situation on the ground. M-Link can deliver video and audio over mobile satellite networks or public access networks such as WiFi or 3G/4G and M-Link Bridge can inter-connect the feed with standards based video conferencing or web streaming systems for live 2-way communications or observation by a restricted audience.

Example Users

situation awareness example userLivewire Digital is working with a UK-based private organisation that deploy expert Disaster Response Agents to disaster sites worldwide. A recent exercise involved agents working with two governments and a wide range of public and private agencies and organisations to provide assistance in a simulated airliner crash scenario where a retired Boeing 727 was deliberately crashed into a remote desert location. Livewire Digital enabled a minimally trained operator to provide live video with audio commentary to remote experts and observers in the UK and USA. Using M-Link Live-X coupled to an Inmarsat BGAN terminal, live video and audio was transmitted to a hosted receiver at Livewire Digital's UK offices and linked in real time to a secure video conference session watched by dozens of observers.