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Sports Broadcasting


Sports broadcastingMany sporting events are covered in the same way as breaking news, with international audiences keen for updates and rich media around the clock. Many such organisations are seeing a move to HD, and Livewire Digital has provided the means to achieve these goals.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports have adopted M-Link Newscaster as the means to deliver media from sporting events worldwide. Using bit rates from 4Mbps, high quality HD footage is sent from location to the news room in an efficient and timely manner.

Volvo Ocean Race

Livewire Digital’s M-Link products and engineering ingenuity are combined with our project management and development skills to produce bespoke systems for high profile events such as the Volvo Ocean Race. Delivering HD broadcast video in the toughest imaginable conditions is a challenge that has been met by Livewire for many years. Initially working with hardware video encoders, the media management systems provided today include custom waterproof HD cameras, waterproof microphones, camera uplink points, network and power management tools, media recording systems, bespoke software, and interfaces to HD microwave broadcast links. The expertise gained in working with such events has placed Livewire Digital in a unique position to be the only provider of an integrated media management system that can link HD video, audio, mobile satellite or data networks, extreme operating environments and video contribution tools within a limited budget and off the shelf.