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Delivering the fastest most resilient hybrid connectivity by unlocking and bonding all available networks

If you are providing solutions, products or services that rely on guaranteed, optimised connectivity, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are many solutions which offer hybrid communications, however these were not all created equal. 

Watch the RazorLink Hybrid Networking video explainer to find out why RazorLink is the  first choice when it comes to bonded, accelerated, resilient connectivity. 

Livewire Digital

For over thirty years Livewire Digital has been pioneering connectivity solutions for clients in diverse and often challenging settings where access to video and other data is mission-critical.

Inventors and innovators in network technologies, our software team based in Leatherhead West of London has brought ground-breaking solutions to market which have been transformational in fields as diverse as television broadcasting, defence, satellite communications, telemedicine and cellular network operations.

Livewire Digital were the first to introduce commercial narrow-band video via mobile satellite terminals, we developed a comprehensive hybrid-WAN & WAN-optimisation solution for the maritime and land mobile markets and are at the leading edge worldwide when it comes to designing Software Defined Networking solutions that operate over cellular, terrestrial and satellite services.

What is Hybrid Connectivity? And why would you use it?

Imagine if you could harness the power of several or more different connectivity channels into a single resilient, aggregated pipe to deliver a faster, better and more reliable service.  Also, imagine if these could include a variety of different bearer technologies, from cellular, LTE, and satellite to WiFi.

With a hybrid or bonded connection, that’s what you can get.  The solution is created by combining two or more separate internet connections into a single, fast connection with the added benefit of the increased download and upload speed generated as a result. By combining multiple connections you benefit from one bonded service.

At Livewire we use Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology to bond connections in this way, which is why we have become the first port of call for OEM and end-user clients worldwide.

Our Clients

RazorLink® Products & Applications

Razorlink SD WAN 

Faster and More Resilient Application Performance with Transparent TCP acceleration (PEP) and UDP resilience over any network.

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Wide Area Network Optimisation

Bond cellular, terrestrial, and satellite for increased bandwidth and failover. RazorLink Technology is available as both software and hardware.

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Hybrid WAN

Make the best use of existing infrastructure and the underlying network to allow applications to fully utilise the available bandwidth.

Bonded Video Contribution

Bond cellular, terrestrial and satellite services for increased bandwidth and failover. RazorLink Technology is available as both software and hardware.

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