A Carrier Grade Solution and a 5G Objective

A Carrier Grade Solution and a 5G Objective

Satellite services offer unique benefits, but the connectivity landscape has changed. Customers are now using cellular extensively in combination with readily available terrestrial and public Wi-Fi services.


The 5G objective to seamlessly integrate satellite with other technologies is very attractive to many customers and solves problems for new markets such as connected and autonomous vehicles and IoT.  As a Telco or service provider being able to offer this proposition is very attractive but how can it be realised?


By deploying RazorLink within the Telco network it is possible to offer a ‘value add’ service that can agnostically offer seamless connectivity across any network. Benefits include:

  • Solve the Customers problem of network selection and integration
  • Deliver enhanced access to Corporate & Cloud services
  • Support the QoS requirements for new markets like Autonomous vehicles & IoT
  • Offer the Customer security across all networks without impacting on performance
  • Understand traffic utilisation across all networks
  • Benefit from competitors networks by offering a chargeable ‘value add’ service
  • Retain customers as cellular & terrestrial services continue to expand


Deliver “Communications as a Service”. Acquire customers from new markets and maintain existing ones as third party services expand.



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