Accelerated Cloud Access

Accelerated Cloud Access

Businesses are becoming more dependent on access to Cloud services, making them reliant on fast 24×7 connectivity.  Access to sufficient bandwidth, and optimal use of the network capacity has a direct impact on the efficiency of their workflows and ultimately profitability. The loss of connectivity can have a disastrous impact and must therefore be considered in the design of their supporting network structure.

With an increasingly mobile and agile workforce, access to Private and Secure Cloud services can no longer be assumed to be from an office. Users will connect from public Wi-Fi at hotels, coffee shops, and airports or use their (international) cellular services. Security must therefore form part of the overall proposition.

The use of Hybrid WAN and WAN Optimisation technology can offer a highly cost effective and extensible solution to Cloud access. Furthermore, it can also secure the link over public Internet access points.

By using RazorLink, a Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution, WAN Optimisation is offered across a wide variety of physical networks including cellular, satellite and international links. RazorLink can combine services and offer a true Hybrid WAN for additional bandwidth or failover. Similarly, RazorLink can secure the link by encrypting data.

RazorLink can be deployed directly on a Cloud service, providing Hybrid WAN and WAN Optimisation features for the specific Cloud service only. Alternatively, RazorLink can offer faster and more reliable access to the Internet in general.

RazorLink is a software solution that can be installed on a Mac or PC, deployed like a router (physical or virtual) or embedded alongside system firmware. The counterpart can be run on dedicated hardware or virtualised on Private or Public Cloud services.

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