Accelerate & Secure File Transfer Applications

Unmatched Speed & Security without changing existing applications or workflows

RazorLink File Based Contribution

RazorLink Smart Networking software can be installed on a Mac or PC and can accelerate data transfer through WAN Optimisation.  This “enabling” technology can radically improve the performance of applications operating over challenging networks like cellular, international links or satellite.

Moving files between International bureaus, delivering content to the Cloud or filing a story from the field RazorLink can radically improve the performance without changing existing workflows or applications.

Key features


Provide faster more reliable access to the Cloud Services for specific applications


More reliable application performance over poor quality networks


Deliver file based media at unmatched speeds as a result of RazorLink Acceleration and network bonding


Combine available networks to increase bandwidth


Whether hosting your FTP Servers within your own infrastructure or in the Cloud, RazorLink can improve performance. By Installing RazorLink software at both ends a standard FTP Client like FileZilla can outperform best in class Accelerated File Transfer applications over international links and cellular services.

Increase available bandwidth by bonding networks to make your FTP transfer even faster.


Improve the performance of Managed File Transfer (MFT) applications, such as Ipswitch. RazorLink can transparently address network issues by providing acceleration through better utilisation of existing links and by bonding networks to provide additional bandwidth or automatic failover.  Simply install RazorLink software on the MFT machines and open up the RazorLink ports on the firewall.

If your organisation is using VSAT links to provide independence from local cellular or terrestrial services, RazorLink can combine these, offering the fastest most cost effective solution.


Improve efficiency when uploading/downloading large files to Dropbox, especially when using public Wi-Fi at hotels and airports or when using cellular services.

RazorLink can improve the speed of the Dropbox application through WAN Optimisation. To achieve this, install the RazorLink software or the Dropbox Client machines and configure RazorLink to use the Cloud based peer service. (Contact us for details.)

Bond cellular and Wi-Fi networks for increased bandwidth and seamless failover.

What they say about us

RazorLink Hotspot has proven to be very resilient, seamlessly bonding and optimising several networks. We rely on RazorLink for mission critical  live OB events, as well as for accelerated file delivery between our international bureaus.

Syed A. Shahid
Director Transmissions, MTA International

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