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Enhancing Network Capabilities with 5G Backhaul Integration

The transition towards 5G technology marks a significant step forward in telecommunications. The concept of “5G backhaul” has become crucial in deploying widespread, high-speed mobile networks. This article explores the integration of 5G backhaul with SD-WAN technologies, creating efficient and... Read More

Harnessing Hybrid SD-WAN Flexibility for Enhanced Network Performance

In the era of digital transformation, maintaining robust, resilient, and efficient connectivity is more crucial than ever. As organisations increasingly rely on cloud-based services and real-time data access, traditional network infrastructures often fall short in meeting these demands. This is... Read More

Optimising Connectivity with a Bonded Cellular Hotspot

Uninterrupted internet connectivity is a crucial resource for businesses and individuals alike. Especially in scenarios such as natural disasters, remote field operations, or areas with poor infrastructure, maintaining a reliable connection can be challenging. This is where the concept of... Read More

SD-WAN Bonding: Uninterrupted Connectivity with RazorLink

Understanding WAN and SD-WAN A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a telecommunications network that extends over a large geographic area for the primary purpose of computer networking. WANs are not necessarily the Internet, although the two terms are often used... Read More

The Growing Need for intelligent TCP Acceleration in Modern Networks

As data volumes grow, the basic internet communication protocol, TCP/IP – now approaching 45 years old – is frequently overwhelmed when called upon for large-scale data transfers. This phenomenon has led to the increasing necessity of TCP Acceleration, also known... Read More

NexusWave: Inmarsat Maritime’s Multi-Dimensional Network for Global Coverage at Sea

Inmarsat Maritime, has launched NexusWave, a revolutionary fully managed connectivity service powered by Livewire Digital’s RazorLink bonding technology. NexusWave delivers fast, always-on connectivity by seamlessly integrating multiple high-speed networks in real time – Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band, low-Earth orbit (LEO)... Read More

NexusWave Maritime: Revolutionising Connectivity with Livewire’s RazorLink Technology

Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has launched NexusWave, a groundbreaking fully managed connectivity service. This service, underpinned by Livewire Digital’s innovative RazorLink ‘bonded’ multi-dimensional network, offers unparalleled high-speed connectivity, unlimited data, global coverage, and a ‘secure by design’ infrastructure. Let’s... Read More

Accelerated Cloud Access with Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN

In today’s digital era, businesses often encounter challenges when accessing cloud-based resources in remote or challenging locations with weak network signals. Livewire Digital, a pioneer in networking solutions, offers an innovative approach to overcoming these obstacles through its RazorLink SD-WAN... Read More

Navigating the Future with Hybrid Wide Area Networks: Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN

With modern connectivity, businesses are constantly seeking faster, more resilient solutions to meet their ever-growing demands. Enter, Hybrid Wide Area Networks (WAN), where Livewire Digital leads the charge with our innovative RazorLink SD-WAN technology. Let’s explore the transformative power of... Read More