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Unleashing Seamless Connectivity: The Power of Cellular Bonding Routers

In an increasingly interconnected world, communication is the lifeblood that fuels progress. From streaming high-definition videos to transmitting critical data, our reliance on robust and consistent network connectivity has never been greater. This is where Cellular Bonding Routers bonding available... Read More

Revolutionising Telecommunications with Heterogeneous Services: Introducing RazorLink SD-WAN

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, the adoption of SD-WAN technology has become increasingly prevalent. Telcos, in particular, benefit greatly from the flexibility and centralised management capabilities that SD-WAN brings. However, the challenges faced by Telcos operating in fixed terrestrial... Read More

Unlocking the Power of WAN Optimisation with Livewire Digital’s RazorLink Smart Networking

In today’s interconnected world, organisations heavily rely on wide area networks (WANs) to connect their centralised data centres with remote locations. However, the performance of applications operating across international links or cellular services often falls short of expectations, utilising only... Read More

RazorLink SD-WAN as part of a global Satellite Operator

A new hyper-intelligent Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), is being developed by Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications with UK company Livewire Digital. This latest feat of British technology innovation will bring a wealth of new, additional... Read More

Excelerate technology prime partner in €5.7m European Space Agency project to create the digital ambulance of the future

Livewire is proud to work alongside Cardiff-based connectivity specialist Excelerate Technology, the prime partner in a €5.7m European Space Agency project to create the digital ambulance of the future.  Cardiff-based connectivity specialist Excelerate Technology is leading the consortium on one... Read More

Enhancing VAR and OEM solutions using RazorLink

Original Equipment Manufacturers and Value Added Resellers can offer next generation networking with their products and services by using RazorLink. Any technology which depends on a fast, reliable and seamless network connection can easily incorporate RazorLink to achieve vastly superior... Read More

Using Multiple Networks to Improve Internet Connectivity

There are many solutions which offer hybrid communications, however these were not all created equal. Watch the RazorLink Hybrid Networking video explainer to find out how RazorLink differs from service selection and load balancing solutions to offer seamless, reliable communications.... Read More

The Volvo Ocean Race.

Livewire Digital Ltd announces 20 years of delivering cutting edge, innovative media solutions to the world’s premier offshore race – The Volvo Ocean Race. Ocean racing challenges both man and machine, and until the late 1990’s this extreme sport took... Read More