The secure and efficient transfer of files and data is vital for businesses of all sizes. Managed File Transfer (MFT) emerges as a superior solution, surpassing traditional methods like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). As a Managed File Transfer network specialist at Livewire Digital, we delve into the intricacies of MFT and introduce our innovative M-Link JATS solution.

Understanding Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Managed File Transfer (MFT) revolutionises the way businesses transfer data securely and reliably. Unlike conventional protocols such as FTP and SFTP, MFT offers enhanced security, efficiency, and compliance features. MFT solutions like Livewire’s M-Link JATS provide automation, reporting, and additional security layers, making them indispensable for modern enterprises.

Benefits of MFT for Businesses

MFT proves invaluable for businesses requiring:

  • Secure and reliable exchange of files with partners
  • Control and visibility over data movements and IT infrastructure
  • Modernisation of outdated or non-compliant file transfer methods
  • Compatibility with industry-standard protocols such as FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2, and SFTP

Introducing M-Link JATS: A Comprehensive MFT Solution

Livewire’s M-Link JATS (Java Automatic Transfer System) stands out as a highly configurable MFT package designed for seamless file distribution and management. Ideal for international exchanges, M-Link JATS boasts optimised transfer protocols that can reduce transfer times from hours to minutes, ensuring swift and efficient file transfers.

Key features of M-Link JATS include:

  • Accelerated File Transfer capabilities when combined with RazorLink® technology
  • Optional bonding of network interfaces for enhanced bandwidth and resilience
  • Highly configurable management of files, including headless and interactive operation
  • Automatic retry and appending functions for intermittent networks
  • Comprehensive system monitoring with alerts, statistics, and log information
  • Full compatibility with the M-Link product range and most FTP clients

Experience the Power of MFT with Livewire Digital

At Livewire Digital, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for secure and efficient file transfer. Explore the full capabilities of M-Link JATS and discover how Managed File Transfer can transform your business operations. For more information, visit Livewire’s M-Link Managed File Transfer (MFT) page and unlock the potential of Managed File Transfer with Livewire Digital.