What does your Hybrid connectivity look like? Livewire Digital delves into the complex world of hybrid connectivity, transcending the basic connection of data centers and remote sites. Hybrid connectivity, pivotal for industries relying on connected vehicles, emergency response systems, seamless train operations, situational awareness, drones, and maritime communications, embodies a diverse network fabric.

Understanding the Diversity of Hybrid Connectivity

What does your Hybrid connectivity look like in practice? Hybrid connectivity encompasses a fusion of diverse networks essential for addressing the challenges of connected vehicles operating over expansive regions. Livewire Digital’s RazorLink Smart Networking seamlessly integrates cellular, satellite, and terrestrial services, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable communication across multiple networks.

In scenarios demanding emergency response, a reliance on a single network proves insufficient. Livewire Digital’s RazorLink bridges multiple networks, ensuring continuous and seamless critical communications for essential services.

Redefining Connectivity with RazorLink SD-WAN

What does your Hybrid connectivity look like with RazorLink SD-WAN? This innovative solution by Livewire Digital redefines hybrid networking. Engineered for demanding environments, it maintains uninterrupted single TCP connections, optimizing network usage despite changing underlay conditions.

Featuring the Smart Networking Protocol (SNP), RazorLink SD-WAN enables smooth transitions between bonded underlay networks, offering mobility and intelligent traffic scheduling. Its scalability spans from micro ARM-based setups to extensive data center servers.

Hybrid Communications as a Service: Simplifying Connectivity

Livewire Digital introduces the Hybrid Communications as a Service (HCaaS) model, simplifying access to the internet and cloud services through RazorLink, eliminating the complexities of traditional frameworks.

Expanding Perspectives: Trains, Situational Awareness, Drones, and Maritime Communications

Beyond vehicles and emergency response, RazorLink extends its capabilities to scenarios like trains, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across diverse networks, including 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and satellite.

In situations requiring heightened situational awareness, RazorLink facilitates low-latency video streaming, aiding decision-making for emergency responders and military personnel.

Moreover, in the drone landscape, RazorLink acts as a crucial communication link between remote drones and cloud services, enabling live video feeds and sophisticated 3D mapping data transmission.

Livewire Digital’s extensive experience in maritime communications strengthens its position. RazorLink seamlessly integrates satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring reliable communication for vessels of various sizes.


What does your Hybrid connectivity look like? Livewire Digital is committed to revolutionizing hybrid connectivity. Experience the power of RazorLink SD-WAN and explore its capabilities at RazorLink SD-WAN, as we navigate towards a connected future.

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