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Governments, national and local, NGO’s and Defence organisations all share the same characteristics – a need for resilient, secure and highly dependable communications, typically operating over large, and multiple, geographic areas, and across different control and operations centres both in the field and at the offices.  

These are typical challenges for local emergency services as well as disaster relief organisations, embassies, border security and treaty monitoring organisations as well as logistics operations in theatres of famine, war, and disease across land, sea and air – as well as local emergency services.  

Access to local services may be limited, may be considered insecure, or not offer sufficient bandwidth. Also, when operating across a large space, it is unlikely that a single network can offer reliable connectivity. While urban canyons can render satellite links inoperative, experience shows that cellular coverage can be limited outside main conurbations. Satellite services can address some of the issues, but there may be logistical, operational, and technical restrictions. 

Each of these scenarios whether at land, air and sea relies on the most robust connectivity solutions to enable rapid information exchange, situational awareness, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) to allow for seamless command and control, and to warrant the safety of victims and personnel. 



For over a quarter of a century, Livewire Digital has been forging lasting and successful partnerships with government, NGO’s and commercial organisations in the design and installation of bonded connectivity solutions 

Applications can extend across a variety of mission-specific systems to encompass the full span of operational roles, from mission protection and situational awareness to personal security at land, sea or air. 

The solution requires a generic approach providing a fast, reliable and secure data link for the organisations and their critical applications, incorporating different network services such as terrestrial, cellular and satellite without being limited by underlying physical assets. 

RazorLink can provide this approach.  

Livewire Digital has developed RazorLink Smart Networking, a Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that can integrate cellular, satellite and terrestrial communication services.  

As an SD-WAN solution that offers WAN Optimisation across a wide variety of physical networks, it combines services offering a true Hybrid WAN for additional bandwidth or failover, while providing end-to-end encryption. 

RazorLink provides a seamless transition between services providing full IP mobility; it can combine networks for additional bandwidth and secure the link, encrypting data whatever route the traffic takes. RazorLink accelerates TCP, improving performance over high latency satellite, poor quality cellular and intermittent Wi-Fi links.  

RazorLink prioritisation makes it feasible for critical data to be given precedence over background updates and can deliver low latency video streams giving control and operations centre staff better situation awareness. Remote access can be realised without the complexity, overhead and poor performance of VPN based architectures. 

RazorLink is a software solution that can be deployed on COTS hardware or embedded alongside firmware in the customer’s hardware, or deployed like a router (physical or virtual). The counterpart can be run on dedicated hardware or on secured virtualised Private or Public Cloud services. 

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