Heterogeneous service offering for Telcos

Heterogeneous service offering for Telcos

SD-WAN technology is being adopted in many markets and for a Telco having a flexible, centrally managed network framework brings many advantages. However, the problem space associated with SD-WAN in fixed terrestrial deployments (such as interconnecting corporate headquarters through fibre), when compared to managing fleets of connected vehicles/drones, that are connected via cellular and satellite technology, is very different. 

Many SD-WAN solutions require endpoints to be permanently connected to a central management framework and operate on the assumption that bandwidth is fast, always available, and at very little cost. This is clearly not the case for Telcos operating in cellular and satellite markets. RazorLink SD-WAN endpoints can be provisioned and managed with very low overheads and can operate independently of central services. 

RazorLink SD-WAN is designed for the highly mobile market and can offer significant advantages over SD-WAN solutions that rely on ‘classic’ routing techniques to try and manage the utilisation of underlays such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite.   

RazorLink SD-WAN implements a true Hybrid SD-WAN that can efficiently and agnostically bond multiple underlays such as high latency VSAT and low latency 5G cellular. The built-in WAN Optimisation accelerates TCP and adds resilience to UDP, improving performance over high latency, and high error rate connections without having to invest in complex and expensive PEP technology. RazorLink SD-WAN has sophisticated configuration and real-time management features that can apply QoS policy over both managed and unmanaged underlays.  



RazorLink SD-WAN is cross-platform software that can be embedded on a small form-factor ARM device, or deployed as a powerful scalable cloud service, making the technology applicable to a very wide range of current and future markets.  

By integrating RazorLink SD-WAN a network operator can provide a solution to their customers that seamlessly integrates with their own current range of services and, where appropriate, combines them with those offered by others.  

Adding and removing underlay services has no impact on the overlay network architecture, therefore making it simple to add additional capacity, integrate next-generation networks, or allow customers to augment services through ‘Bring Your Own Network’.  

This adds significant value to the network operator and to their customers, makes workflows faster, more efficient, more reliable, and, most importantly, retains their business.  

RazorLink SD-WAN can offer a Telco a dedicated RazorLink service for their customers, as well as a framework for managing authenticated access and utilisation metrics that can be used for QoS and billing.  

For government and  security-conscious applications, RazorLink SD-WAN can be deployed as a private network with no dependency on externally hosted services.  


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