With modern connectivity, businesses are constantly seeking faster, more resilient solutions to meet their ever-growing demands. Enter, Hybrid Wide Area Networks (WAN), where Livewire Digital leads the charge with our innovative RazorLink SD-WAN technology. Let’s explore the transformative power of Hybrid WAN and how Livewire is revolutionising the landscape.

Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Connectivity

At Livewire, we believe in delivering the fastest and most resilient hybrid connectivity by unlocking and bonding all available networks. Our solutions ensure guaranteed, optimised connectivity for businesses relying on seamless communication. With RazorLink SD-WAN, we provide a cutting-edge solution that combines multiple connectivity channels into a single, resilient, aggregated pipe, delivering faster, better, and more reliable service.

Why Hybrid Connectivity?

Hybrid connectivity harnesses the power of diverse connectivity channels, including cellular, LTE, satellite, and WiFi, to create a unified and robust network infrastructure. By bonding multiple connections, businesses benefit from increased download and upload speeds, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency. Livewire’s SDN technology ensures seamless integration of these connections, making us the preferred choice for OEM and end-user clients globally.

RazorLink SD-WAN: Powering Hybrid Networking

RazorLink SD-WAN stands at the forefront of hybrid networking solutions, designed to address challenges over diverse and demanding networks. With a focus on maritime and vehicular environments, as well as global architectures, RazorLink ensures high resilience to underlay degradation and failure. Our Smart Networking Protocol (SNP) facilitates packet-by-packet intelligence and control, optimizing network utilization under varying conditions.

Key Features of RazorLink SD-WAN:

  • Resilient single TCP connections, regardless of underlay availability and performance.
  • Advanced traffic classification and underlay management for seamless application allocation.
  • Real-time data insights for enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic-steering policy control.
  • Scalability across various platforms, from micro ARM-based systems to data centre server farms.

Embracing the Future with Livewire

Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN provides an elastic fabric with limitless scaling potential, ensuring full separation across the entire multi-tenant-aware SD-WAN fabric. As we navigate the future of connectivity, Livewire remains committed to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that redefine the boundaries of Hybrid Wide Area Networks.

Discover More about Hybrid Wide Area Networks

To learn more about Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN and how it can transform your network infrastructure, visit Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN page. Embrace the future of connectivity with Livewire’s Hybrid Wide Area Networks.