Inmarsat Maritime, has launched NexusWave, a revolutionary fully managed connectivity service powered by Livewire Digital’s RazorLink bonding technology. NexusWave delivers fast, always-on connectivity by seamlessly integrating multiple high-speed networks in real time – Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band, low-Earth orbit (LEO) services, and as-available coastal LTE service – with an additional layer of L-band for resiliency. This article delves into how NexusWave, with RazorLink at its core, intelligently maintains a consistent connection while transitioning through different environments.

Innovative Connectivity for Diverse Maritime Environments

In the maritime world, reliable connectivity is crucial, whether you’re in the middle of the ocean or docked at a busy port. NexusWave’s unique ability to bond various network types ensures seamless, resilient connectivity regardless of location.

In deep-sea environments, NexusWave intelligently bonds VSAT and LEO networks. When network usage spikes, additional LEO resources can be dynamically integrated to bolster the connection. In port environments, where physical obstacles might block direct lines of sight, LEO and LTE networks form the primary bonded mix. VSAT can be added to the mix if the signal strength is compromised by high network usage from other ships. All of this is managed within a unified solution, ensuring seamless and consistent connectivity.

Maritime Communications: Challenges and Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in designing communications systems for the maritime industry, Livewire Digital understands the unique challenges, costs, and security implications involved. Reliable communication is essential for all maritime applications, from single-handed IMOCA 60s to commercial shipping fleets, cruise liners, and luxury yachts.

Most ocean-going vessels rely on satellite communications for telephone and data services. However, as the world becomes increasingly connected, the demand for more bandwidth and constant internet access grows. Autonomous vessels, in particular, require resilient and secure communications to function effectively.

There are numerous satellite systems and service providers, each with different strengths and coverage areas. When combined with fast cellular services and ubiquitous port and marina Wi-Fi systems, managing these diverse communication channels becomes complex.

Third-party products often require vessels to select a single service at a time, causing disruptions as onboard applications must re-establish their links with the shore during each switch. With the increasing demand for bandwidth and the need to manage costs efficiently, this approach is no longer viable.

RazorLink: Seamless and Secure Connectivity

RazorLink addresses these challenges by providing a seamless transition between services and combining them for additional bandwidth. RazorLink secures the link, encrypting data regardless of the traffic route, and accelerates data transfer to improve application performance over high-latency satellite, poor-quality cellular coverage, and intermittent Wi-Fi links.

Key features of RazorLink include:

  • Seamless Transition: Allows for smooth switching between different network services without disrupting onboard applications.
  • Increased Bandwidth: Combines multiple network connections to maximise available bandwidth.
  • Data Encryption: Ensures secure data transmission across all network routes.
  • Accelerated Data Transfer: Enhances the performance of applications, even over challenging network conditions.

NexusWave: A Unified Solution for the Future

NexusWave is not just a solution for today but is also designed to integrate future technologies. The service will incorporate the next-generation ultra-high capacity high-speed ViaSat-3 Ka-band service, expected to be operational by 2025. This future-proof approach ensures that NexusWave remains at the forefront of maritime connectivity, providing managed performance levels regardless of the vessel’s location or requirements.

Additionally, NexusWave offers complete transparency on total cost of ownership, eliminating unexpected charges. This is crucial for fleet managers who need to budget accurately and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Supporting Digitalisation and Crew Welfare

Beyond connectivity, NexusWave supports digitalisation and crew welfare initiatives. By transforming ships into floating offices and homes, it enhances the quality of life for crew members and supports the digitalisation of maritime operations. This is particularly important as the industry moves towards more automated and connected vessels.


Inmarsat’s NexusWave, powered by Livewire’s RazorLink SD-WAN, revolutionises maritime connectivity by offering fast, resilient, and secure communication solutions. Whether in deep-sea environments or busy ports, NexusWave ensures seamless transitions between networks, providing continuous connectivity that meets the growing demands of the maritime industry.

To learn more about how NexusWave and RazorLink are transforming maritime connectivity, visit Livewire’s NexusWave page. Embrace the future of maritime communications with NexusWave and experience the benefits of intelligent, seamless, and resilient connectivity.