Hybrid Communications as a Service

RazorLink Hybrid Communications as a Service is a new subscription service which brings users all the advantages of using RazorLink hardware or software without the need to support any backend IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Communications as a Service

Hybrid Communications as a Service (HCaaS) model is a cost effective subscription service that is compatible with all RazorLink Smart Networking systems and provides a customer with fast optimised access to the Internet.

Bonding and optimising multiple networks previously required the installation of a fixed endpoint that re-combines the data that has been transmitted across the different networks.  RazorLink HCaaS removes the need for the customer to host and support such a framework, they simply need to switch on their equipment to achieve fast, resilient access to the Internet and Cloud services.

Key Features

Hybrid WAN & WAN Optimisation

Network Bonding

Bond 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL and satellite to increase the available bandwidth and to offer a backup network for your critical application.


Overcome the delay and packet loss that can occur when operating over a WAN, radically improving the performance of your applications.

Network Security

RazorLink Technology can encrypt your application data using AES and still maintain maximum performance.




Prioritise traffic so the most important data is delivered first. Give audio higher priority than video or vital signs telemetry over imagery.


RazorLink provides bandwidth statistics and accounting information in real time without the need for any custom libraries of a complicated API.

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