Professional File Based Contribution

H.264AVC HD & SD Store & Forward

M-Link Newscaster

The professional solution for the delivery of HD & SD store & forward video, M Link Newscaster provides a highly mobile, reliable and compact solution for broadcast quality LNG/ENG/SNG file-based newsgathering. M-Link Newscaster can be deployed and operated by a single reporter.

The latest generation of M-Link Newscaster incorporates RazorLink® technology, the next level in network optimisation that guarantees maximum use of available network resources.

Key Features


Incorporates RazorLink® WAN Optimisation Technology for fast uninterrupted transmissions.


Combine the bandwidth of multiple Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to reduce transmission times and resilience.


Simultaneous encode and transmit – saves time and battery life.


User configurable background encoding for automated workflows.


M-Link Newscaster incorporates RazorLink® technology to fully utilise all available bandwidth. Faster transfers over poor quality, high latency links, save time and battery power.

M-Link Newscaster accelerates file transfer over single or bonded connections. Network bonding adds increased resilience and automatic failover if one network fails.

M-Link Newscaster is trusted by mainstream broadcasters and high profile global news agencies for both remote and inter-bureau file transmission.


M-Link Newscaster client files to the M-Link Exchange Server

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