Live HD and SD Newsgathering Solution

Maximum utilisation of available network resources and fully adaptive low latency & high quality video.

M-Link Live X

M-Link Live X is software that can realise a highly mobile, reliable and compact live HD and SD newsgathering solution, which can be deployed and operated by a single reporter. The latest generation of M-Link Live-X incorporates RazorLink® technology, the next level in network optimisation which guarantees maximum utilisation of available network resources and ensures fully adaptive low latency, high quality video. M-Link Live-X can offer bonding of all available connections directly from the Mac or PC.

Key Features

low latency

One second over Inmarsat BGAN 256 streaming/384 X-Stream/HDR


Rapid adaptive bit rate control ensures highest quality video quality for the available bandwidth


Network bonding of 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and satellite offers increased bandwidth and resilience


Broadcast standard video delivered over IP circuits. H.264/AVC – High quality video with full-interlaced support


M-Link Live X incorporates RazorLink® technology for improved fully adaptive video, even over poor quality links. Network statistics drive the variable bitrate algorithm to adapt the codec to prevailing network conditions.

Higher quality, lower latency video is achieved as RazorLink® protocols make use of Smart Networking technology with low overheads and buffering.

Network Bonding

Network bonding increases the available bandwidth and adds resilience, improving picture quality and robustness.

RazorLink® can utilise all active interfaces and adapt as devices are added or removed without a break in the transmission.

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