Battery Powered Bonding for Live Video and Accelerated File Transfer

A highly cost effective solution for direct connection to next generation broadcast cameras and IP enabled A/V devices


SilverBlade is a lightweight, battery powered belt pack unit that can bond cellular and Wi-Fi services and present a highly resilient connection for a professional streaming camera, laptop or mobile for delivery of live or file based media.

SilverBlade is a transparent RazorLink® networking device similar to a MiFi that is fully compatible with other RazorLink solutions.

Key features


Bond 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL and satellite to increase the available bandwidth and to offer a backup network for your critical application.


RazorLink protocols overcome the limitations of using UDP across WANs resulting in more efficient use of network capacity and higher quality video.


The RazorLink® protocol has very low overheads and sophisticated error correction resulting in lower latency live streaming.


RazorLink® protocols manage the seamless handover between active connections in the event of the loss of one or more connections.

Live Feeds

Combining the latest generation of broadcast cameras, or encoders, with a SilverBlade unit offers a highly cost effective live broadcast solution.

The RazorLink networking protocol works with any camera or encoder that supports IP connectivity.   RazorLink technology does not rely on basic load balancing or basic FEC techniques. More bandwidth is available for video transmission resulting in higher quality video.

File Based Video Contribution

SilverBlade can accelerate the performance of the devices built in FTP client by overcoming the limitations of TCP in networks with high latency and packet loss. The bonding feature provides additional bandwidth and resilience providing faster more reliable delivery of large video files.

SilverBlade Hardware

SilverBlade is battery powered and presents bonded services through Ethernet and / or Wi-Fi.  The unit is supplied with 4 Huawei 4G capable modems. In addition, the auxiliary USB port can be used to bond additional Wi-Fi or Ethernet devices.

SilverBlade Integration

SilverBlade requires RazorLink receiver software to be running in a Cloud service or as part of an organisation’s infrastructure. The RazorLink receiver software is available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

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