RazorLink and Mobile CCTV

RazorLink and Mobile CCTV

Providing mobile CCTV with dependable communications wherever the system is deployed.


Providing mobile CCTV is dependent upon good cellular coverage and although pre-planning may be possible, circumstances can change rapidly. Consider coverage of a music event, the site survey results look good; the pictures coming into the control center have the requisite frame rate and there is little breakup. There is bound to be some degradation as the public start to arrive, but this has been factored in.

The event starts, a fire breaks out on one of the stages and the crowd takes to social media in a big way. The CCTV video feeds degrade dramatically at the very time the emergency services need to know what’s happening.


RazorLink Technology is available in a small, cost effective black box that can be connected to the network in mobile CCTV vehicle. Plug in a set of USB cellular modems (or even a satellite terminal) and the available bandwidth can be increased and made more robust. The RazorLink overheads are very low, latency is kept to a minimum and there is no need to add FEC as RazorLink will provide a resilient connection for the video feed.

Furthermore, RazorLink can secure the link and encrypt all data whatever network is used.


A higher adaptive communications system offering more robust, higher quality CCTV feeds from challenging locations.



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