RazorLink and Moving Big Data Files Fast

Hybrid Connectivity with Razorlink

RazorLink and Moving Big Data Files Fast

Standard applications like FTP do not perform well over long distance links with high delays and error rates. Adopting Accelerated File Transfer (AFT) applications can work well but they are expensive and highly restrictive. Why does FTP behave badly?


AFT applications dictate the use the native AFT application or custom integration using a complicated API.

As technology advances and workflows move to the Cloud using AFT solutions becomes very difficult or simply not feasible. Consider a transfer agent built into the next generation editing package designed to post to a Cloud service or a next generation camera that has a built in FTP Client, it is either prohibitively expensive or simply not possible to realise a custom AFT solution.

High mobile deployments present additional challenges, as there is often limited bandwidth available from cellular or public Wi-Fi. AFT applications can generally make good use of the available bandwidth, but are limited to using a single network connection.



RazorLink is a new and unique approach to the problem of moving large data files fast. Rather than adopting specialist AFT applications to fix a network problem, RazorLink transparently fixes the network allowing standard applications to perform optimally.

In addition, where additional bandwidth or a more resilient is required, RazorLink can transparently bond networks increasing the speed significantly, a feature not available with AFT applications.

RazorLink can be installed on a Mac or PC and licensed to specific applications or deployed as a Hotspot that operates like a router for transparent use by any device.


RazorLink can realise a flexible, economic solution that can be scaled as requirements and applications change. RazorLink can radically improve performance without changing existing applications or workflows and offers a future proof solution for next generation equipment and services.

In tests, by simply installing RazorLink on the same laptop as FileZilla, the free FTP Client out performed the ‘gold standard’ AFT application across a single international link.  Furthermore, by connecting another network to the laptop, such as a cellular modem, RazorLink could bond the services providing even more bandwidth to FileZilla and making it many times faster that the specialist AFT application.