RazorLink and Professional Broadcast Contribution

RazorLink and Professional Broadcast Contribution

There are many companies offering cellular bonding systems for live feeds. They are mature, work very well but require the cameraman to carry additional kit and are expensive.


Camera technology from manufacturers like Sony, JVC and Panasonic now incorporate a video encoder, they can now produce a live stream as well and file-based content that can be sent back to the newsroom by FTP. No more additional kit, no more extra batteries, less capital cost, less support and every camera operator can become a contributor.

Unfortunately, the cameras do not support bonding, they cannot offer the level of resilience required and the file transfer speeds are often slow.


RazorLink Technology is available in a small, battery-powered unit called SilverBlade capable of up to 20-25Mbps. Alternatively; the RazorLink Hotspot can be used for higher bitrates – up to 150Mbps. Both are networking solutions that provide optimised bonding and acceleration for file transfers. Similar to a MiFi, they can be used by any device, making it suitable for delivering content from the camera, laptop, mobile or dedicated encoder.

There is no need for any proprietary hardware at the receiver, simply install RazorLink software on a separate co-located computer, on the decoder platform itself or deploy as part of a Cloud service.


RazorLink offers a low latency resilient connection for the live video feeds with minimal overheads and improved video quality.

File based content can be delivered faster as a result of the acceleration and bonding.