RazorLink and Satellite Services

RazorLink and Satellite Services

Addressing the complex issues of using high latency satellite services and fully utilising the available bandwidth.


Satellite connections have a lot of delay that can have an adverse impact on the performance of applications. The data rates achieved are significantly less than the headline figures for the service and the promotional material.

Some providers offer a PEP to address the issue, but these are specific to the service and often require installation on all equipment using the service, which is not always a practical solution.


RazorLink offers a unique and agnostic solution and can address the shortcomings of TCP over satellite.

Furthermore, RazorLink can bond and integrate other services such as cellular and encrypt the data offering a highly flexible secure solution.


Available as software for a Mac or PC or deployable as a unit similar to a router, RazorLink can transparently address issues associated with satellite. Increasing throughput, securing the link and integrating other services.