RazorLink and Streaming Events to the Internet

RazorLink and Streaming Events to the Internet

Access to a reliable Internet connection from a venue with sufficient bandwidth can be very challenging, especially at short notice.


Streaming corporate presentations or live events to the Internet requires reliable connectivity with sufficient bandwidth; any packet loss or dropout will be very detrimental to the feed and affect all viewers. Consider the use of Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FLME) delivering a feed to a Wowza server from an international hotel.

There are three key problems to overcome, firstly to ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth, secondly to ensure the link is error free and thirdly to have a backup should one network fail.

The hotel may be able to make special arrangements for a dedicated Internet connection, but this requires a lot of pre-planning and is cannot be relied upon. The hotel has guest Wi-Fi and it is possible to purchase cellular dongles from different providers, but how can this  work in practice?


By installing RazorLink software on the FLME encoder PC and on the Wowza server it is possible to provide secure, resilient link integrity between them, and bonds networks to provide sufficient bandwidth and offer seamless failover. RazorLink can combine USB cellular dongles, hotel Wi-Fi and DSL line and present them as a single transparent service to FLME


A high quality production delivered reliably from challenging locations.



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