Razorlink cross-platform software

Unique hybrid connectivity for uninterruptible internet

Next generation networking designed to address the problems of International, cellular, satellite and WiFi connections.

RazorLink® bonds networks to provide high performance, uninterruptible internet that enables distribution of large files, streaming audio and video, and faster more resilient network connectivity. What’s more, it’s the only solution that works on any platform.

RazorLink Cross-platform Software

If you are moving large files, streaming audio and video or simply want a better, faster more resilient network connectivity, RazorLink Technology can make this happen without the need to adopt new applications or workflows.

RazorLink is cross-platform software that operates in the background, completely transparently to your application. RazorLink has been designed for use over Wide Area Networks (WANs) such as International links, cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite. It’s the unique, best-in-class solution that bonds, accelerates, prioritises and is resilient and secure.

The result: hybrid connectivity, hybrid communications and seamless communications for your organisation and your people, to help you achieve more, faster, and on any platform.

Key features

  • Hybrid WAN & WAN Optimisation


Bond 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, DSL and satellite to increase the available bandwidth and to offer a backup network for your critical application.


Overcome the delay and packet loss that can occur when operating over a WAN, radically improving the performance of your applications.


RazorLink Technology can encrypt your application data using AES and still maintain maximum performance.


RazorLink protocols overcome the limitations of using UDP across WANs resulting in more efficient use of network capacity and lower latency.


Prioritise traffic so the most important data is delivered first. Give audio higher priority than video or vital signs telemetry over imagery.


RazorLink provides bandwidth statistics and accounting information in real time without the need for any custom libraries of a complicated API.

RazorLink installed on Windows to provide the FTP Client FileZilla with acceleration, bonding and security.

RazorLink installed on a Mac to provide the Adobe Flash Media Encoder with resilience, bonding and failover

RazorLink Data Sheet

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