Embedded next generation networking for OEM and VAR

Embedded next generation networking for OEM’s

Livewire Digital is working with some of the world’s leading OEMs to integrate RazorLink technology into their solutions that includes high performance routers for Superyachts, drones and body worn equipment. 

Cellular services are instrumental to modern communications and complement the terrestrial services available in homes, offices and public areas like airports. 

There are many underlying technologies such as 4G, 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and even more operators and service providers. Viewed as whole, they offer reasonable coverage, however as individual operators & technologies the picture is very patchy and the services available limited 

Application areas are wide and diverse, from providing reliable communications on a moving vehicle, delivering a live video feed from a security camera, moving large data files to and from the Cloud or simply providing backup Internet access in case of service outages. 

In all cases, there are complex problems to address that include the ability to use any technology or service provider, to combine services for more bandwidth/failover as well as consideration for performance and security issues. Historically, each of these issues has been addressed independently and generally through use of proprietary hardware. 

Livewire Digital has a unique approach that comprehensively addresses all the issues as a Software Defined Networking solution (SDN) called RazorLink Smart Networking. RazorLink can integrate multiple cellular, terrestrial and even satellite services offering a transparent, seamless Hybrid WAN. 


RazorLink can aggregate services for additional bandwidth or failover and secure the link, encrypting data whatever route the traffic takes. RazorLink WAN Optimisation accelerates TCP and adds resilience to UDP, improving performance over cellular, Wi-Fi and international connections. 

RazorLink is a software solution that can be installed on a Mac or PC, deployed like a router (virtual or physical) or embedded alongside system firmware. The counterpart can be run on dedicated hardware or virtualised on Private or Public Cloud services. 

RazorLink is scalable and be deployed as a SaaS model within a Telco or Service Providers network. 

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