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High Speed Connectivity to Cockpit and Cabin 

No longer is the sky the limit for today’s data-hungry travellers, pilots and drone operators.

In the past, for technical and regulatory reasons, aircraft connectivity has trailed behind land and maritime innovation in high speed connectivity. No longer is that the case. Expectation and ambition for ever greater inflight connectivity are the new reality, all set to improve passenger experience, open up new revenue opportunities and improve CNS (communications, navigation and surveillance for air traffic management).

Goodbye WiFi

Recent changes in the EU and elsewhere will see travellers able to use 4G and 5G on their cellphones during lower-altitude flights, away from conventional and costly in-flight WiFi services which have been available since 2008. At greater altitudes, a mobile signal can now be boosted by ‘pico-cells’ which connect and reroute calls, texts, and data between the aircraft and the ground, creating a small in-flight network.

Livewire is at the heart of this revolution.

RazorLink® solutions


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Emergency Response

Software Defined Networking that can agnostically combine and transition between networks

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