RazorLink technology can provide the critical communication link between a remote drone and cloud services hosting the Command & Control software.  RazorLink bonding and optimisation provides the control path, allows the drone to deliver live low latency video and advanced 3D world sensing & mapping data. 



WAN topology can include multiple cellular links, point to point IP Radio and satellite for remote or badly served locations. 

Battery power, weight and mechanical reliability are critical factors for the drone, so the use of a low resource software solution for managing the hybrid communications is considered a significant advantage. RazorLink can operate as a Virtualised Network Function (VNF) on the drones existing compute platform and provide a unified gateway for the on-board control and management software.  

The counterpart RazorLink VNF can be hosted within a public or private data centre providing the optimised, encrypted link between the drone and the Command & Control software. 


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