Accelerated File Transfer

Accelerated File Transfer

Many organisations are reliant on the delivery of large files from the field or between international offices. Operating over international Internet links, including public Wi-Fi, cellular services, satellite or even ordinary wired connections, presents challenges to many standard applications: they do not perform well and can repeatedly fail. A common example quoted by Accelerated File Transfer (AFT) application vendors is the File Transfer Protocol, otherwise known as FTP.

FTP certainly has problems operating over poor quality networks with high error rates or long delays associated with international and satellite links.  To make file transfer more efficient, AFT vendors offer their own applications that replaces FTP, forcing customers to adopt this AFT technology and integrate it into their existing workflows.

Whether it is FTP or any other application that uses the underlying TCP protocol, it is not the application that is the problem – it is the network. Over a good quality link FTP will perform very well indeed, so why replace an application to fix the network issue?

The key to delivering files fast is sufficient bandwidth and an error free connection. With this objective in mind, Livewire Digital has developed RazorLink® Smart Networking.  RazorLink is available as software or as a networking device that operates transparently to any file transfer application or equipment.

RazorLink accelerates data transfer, so installing RazorLink can make a standard FTP Client like FileZilla outperform the best in class Accelerated File Transfer (AFT) applications over international links, satellite and cellular services. In addition, to provide additional bandwidth to the application, RazorLink can bond several locally available network services.  Similarly, RazorLink will encrypt the data being transmitted over the link adding critical security to legacy applications.

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