File Based Media

File Based Media Contribution

File based contribution is an essential workflow for mainstream broadcasters and media agencies. Content is delivered by journalists from the field, transferred between bureaus around the world, or pushed towards Cloud services.

Livewire Digital offers Store & Forward solutions including M-Link Newscaster and Newscaster Mobile for field operations, M-Link JATS for bureaus, and RazorLink® Smart Networking as an “accelerator” for third party solutions.

M-Link Newscaster software is an ideal tool for journalists to deliver media from the field to M-Link Exchange or JATS system. Managed centrally, M-Link Newscaster offers validation, encoding and delivery of motion video, stills and ancillary file based content. Newscaster Mobile is a compatible application for use with iPhones and iPads.

M-Link JATS offers fully automated rules based delivery of files between sites and is compatible with M-Link Newscaster.

Many organisations have FTP Servers and Content Management services in their own infrastructure or in the Cloud. The key to delivering files fast between locations is sufficient bandwidth and an efficient, error free connection. With this objective Livewire Digital has developed RazorLink Smart Networking. RazorLink can accelerate data transfer, bond networks and encrypt data flowing over the link.  In fact, installing RazorLink can make a standard FTP Client like FileZilla outperform the best in class Accelerated File Transfer applications over international links and cellular services.

RazorLink is available as software or as a networking device that operates transparently to the application or equipment.

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