Live Newsgathering

Live Newsgathering 

Livewire Digital’s solutions are trusted by mainstream broadcasters around the world to deliver their live video feeds from the most challenging locations. Livewire’s M-Link Live-X software is a professional solution that can transmit a high definition 1080i feed using a Mac or a PC,  ideal for professional ENG workflows.

Live Newsgathering technology continues to evolve rapidly, embracing new hardware platforms, video formats and Cloud services. In addition, cameras now incorporate built- in encoders, while mobile apps deliver live to social media, and any content can be streamed to a global audience via a streaming agency.

Yet, whatever the platform or workflow, key to high quality live video delivery is sufficient bandwidth and an error free connection. To deliver this Livewire Digital has developed RazorLink® Smart Networking.

RazorLink can bond networks and correct errors, whilst keeping delays to a minimum. RazorLink accelerates TCP, improving performance over high latency satellite, poor quality cellular and intermittent Wi-Fi links.

RazorLink is available as software or as a networking device that operates transparently to the Live Newsgathering equipment or application. Readily incorporated into an SNG vehicle, carried as a battery powered belt pack, or installed on a computer, RazorLink can transparently deliver the best from the available communication networks.

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