Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism is an essential and integral part of many organisation’s workflows. The feature set, supported services, cost, and the skill set of the operatives are important factors in making a solution work well.

Livewire Digital has developed a variety mobile journalism applications.

As these applications are most likely to be used by semi-trained operatives or the general public, clear and intuitive workflows are essential, while the configurations can be managed centrally by the organisation.  Configuration aspects such as portrait or landscape mode, the preferred encoding parameters and frame rate can make the difference between professional high quality footage and clearly amateur content.

Similarly, metadata, file delivery and management workflows are key design requirements that need to be addressed.

As timely and error-free content delivery is a major success factor in the use of these solutions, Livewire Digital has integrated RazorLink® Smart Networking into the Mobile Journalism Applications. RazorLink can bond Wi-Fi and Cellular on the mobile device, offering data acceleration and enhanced security, an important factor when using public Internet services.

RazorLink is also able to provide bonding and security for several of the everyday services on your mobile. So if you would like to understand more about bespoke mobile journalism applications, or have an interest in embedding RazorLink in other mobile applications, please call or email us.

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