Streaming Optimisation

Optimised Streaming 

Streaming applications range from hardware and software used to produce events for a global Internet audience, to CCTV cameras deployed for security.

The key to Optimised Streaming is sufficient bandwidth, a backup network connection and an error free link. This is where Livewire Digital RazorLink Smart Networking can provide a much improved user experience and success rate.

RazorLink Technology can combine networks and transport the Streaming content in a resilient and highly efficient manner independent of whether it is using TCP or UDP.  RazorLink bonding can provide additional bandwidth, while ensuring that if one circuit fails others will be used in a seamless manner.  Similarly, RazorLink will encrypt the data being transmitted over the link adding critical security to Streaming applications.

RazorLink is available as software for a Mac or PC or a networking device that operates transparently to any Streaming application or equipment.

For Streaming applications like Adobe Flash Media encoder or Telestream Wirecast, installing RazorLink can address the network problems without any change in the workflow.

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