Seamless Communications
for Trains

Continuous and fast Internet connectivity can deliver significant benefits to passengers and to rail operators. RazorLink Smart Networking has been designed to meet the challenges presented by a fast-moving train travelling through different areas of network coverage, connecting to various operators and using a range of underlying communication technologies such as 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and satellite.

RazorLink Smart Networking deployed on trains can provide:

  • Continuous connection: Ability to maintain connectivity/sessions while traversing variety of IP networks, operators and technologies.
  • Critical data for traffic management: Connections will give reliable, real time data that can be fed to operations centres and made available to customers.
  • Low cost operational rollout: RazorLink Smart Networking can be integrated without disrupting existing infrastructure offering an immediate benefit through faster (optimised and bonded) more reliable connections.
  • Enhanced customer experience, perception and satisfaction: Provision of improved bandwidth and continuous connection for customers without the need to modify settings will enhance the enjoyment of any journey on a High Speed Train (HST).
  • Increased safety and security: Address the Priority Risk areas as presented by RSSB in respect of data management, by providing secure pipes for time and critical data delivery and interaction between trains, platform, logistics, and service providers.
  • Competitive advantage & improved occupancy: Provision of enhanced connectivity to passengers has the potential to deliver a tangible differential advantage against other transport modes and so enhance passenger preference in favour of the train operator.
  • Improved operational train sensor data: Operational access to (near) real-time data and consolidated operational in-transit data has the potential to deliver actionable insights that will lead to enhanced efficiency and retail gains during journey.

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