Network Security with Performance

WAN Security

WAN Security is a fundamental requirement for connections between corporate offices and Cloud services. VPN technology can address this but introduces overheads and has a significant impact on performance, especially over cellular, Wi-Fi and international links. In addition the maintenance and administration of such a service can be very demanding both technically and financially.

As public Cloud services become more prevalent, VPN technology is no longer appropriate therefore resulting in a higher reliance on application level security. Compounding this is the increasing demand for more bandwidth and performance.

Access to Private and Secure Cloud services can no longer be assumed to be from specific locations with fixed IP addresses; users will be mobile and connections will be made from public Wi-Fi at hotels and airports, or using international cellular services.

Livewire Digital has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to using WAN called RazorLink Smart Networking.  RazorLink is a Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that addresses the requirement for security in combination with the demand for enhanced performance and additional bandwidth.  RazorLink can integrate cellular, terrestrial and even satellite services offering a transparent, seamless Hybrid WAN. RazorLink can aggregate services for additional bandwidth or failover and secure the link, encrypting data whatever route the traffic takes. RazorLink WAN Optimisation accelerates TCP and adds resilience to UDP, improving performance over any connection.

RazorLink is a software solution that can be installed on a Mac or PC, deployed like a router (virtual or physical) or embedded alongside system firmware. The counterpart can be run on dedicated hardware or virtualised on Private or Public Cloud services.

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