Bonded Video Contribution

Bonded video contribution has become a mainstay for Live Newsgathering worldwide. The majority of bonded cellular video systems take an SDI feed, encode the video and transmit it over a number of cellular networks. They are dedicated to doing this job and they can do it very well.

The technology however, is evolving fast, embracing new hardware platforms, video formats and Cloud services. It is no longer necessary to have an external encoder and cables, as the latest generation of professional cameras now incorporate the encoder.  Likewise, Mobile Journalism has taken off, and it is just as important to be able to deliver live feeds to social media as it is to a studio. Similarly, the adoption of streaming content to a global audience is now well established.

The problem is no longer associated with delivering video from A to B. There are so many platforms and opportunities, so whatever your workflow, the limiting factor is now the network. The key to delivering high quality live video is sufficient bandwidth and an error free connection.

To optimise the rapidly evolving contribution scene, Livewire Digital has introduced RazorLink® Smart Networking. RazorLink can bond networks, correct errors and keep delay to an absolute minimum. RazorLink is available as software for a Mac or PC or as a plug-in networking device for the Live Newsgathering equipment. RazorLink can be readily incorporated into as SNG vehicle, carried as a battery powered belt pack or installed on a computer. Whatever the platform, RazorLink can transparently deliver the best from the available networks.

Livewire’s M-Link Live-X software is a professional solution that can transmit a high definition 1080i feed using a Mac or a PC.  Live-X is ideal for professional ENG workflows. Live-X operates with RazorLink to support bonded video contribution over cellular and Wi-Fi, directly from a laptop.

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RazorLink Hotspot has proven to be very resilient, seamlessly bonding and optimising several networks. We rely on RazorLink for mission critical  live OB events, as well as for accelerated file delivery between our international bureaus.

Syed A. Shahid
Director Transmissions, MTA International

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